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Wellness at your fingertips.

A new age app which provides unique content, activities and expert counselling to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Why Aurum is the ideal wellness platform.

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You can choose to be completely anonymous on our platform. No need to share any personal details. Period.

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Our platform is available for use round the clock. You can access it anytime, anywhere - in a snap.

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Upto 70% cheaper than traditional services, making it the go-to platform for anyone looking for help.

Talking is the best way to go.

Our team of dedicated psychologists and counsellors will always be available for you to chat with. Whatever your problems are, just talk it all out. With our world class pscyhologists and counsellors, you will always be on the best path for you.

Personalized care for you.

We have made our self help programs personalized for each individual so that you can focus on the things that matter to you. And the best part - you will always have your coach guiding you.

Take the steps to achieve the wellness you deserve.

Round the clock support

Personalized self care

Confidential and Secure

Right care, right time

Dedicated & Passionate coaches



  • Best for immediate support
  • Therapy at your fingertips
  • Talk anytime
  • Unlimited messaging

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₹ 149 / week


  • Personalized self care
  • Dedicated coach
  • Notice steady improvements in your life

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₹ 299 / month


  • Customized Diet Plan
  • Dedicated Dietician
  • Affordable and Convinient

starts at
₹ 1799 / 3 months


What is the 'Counselling' section on the app?

Counselling will allow you to chat and talk with a certified Psychologist or Counsellor who will provide you immediate help. You can talk to your coach throughout. This is ideal when you are going through a major life event like the death of a loved one, a divorce, a break up, failure, too much stress or anxiety etc. For any lingering issue like depression, loneliness, relationship issues, sadness etc you need a professional to effectively manage it. We have the best psychologists and counsellors on Aurum and you can get the best help right through the app.

What is the 'Program' section on the app?

Here you can access personalized programs which have been created by us after months of research and testing. These are self educating programs most suited for people who want to tackle stress,anxiety,relationship issues over the course of few weeks and at their own pace. The best part is you will guided throughout by a certified wellness coach with whom you can chat whenever you want.

So what is the difference between Counselling and Program?

Counselling is best for you if you need immediate help and support and are going through a very rough patch in life. Programs are suitable for you, if you know you need to get help managing your stress,anxiety or relations but at your own pace, whenever you have time.

Will I get to talk to a coach if I choose to use the 'Program' section?

Definitely, Yes! Thats the best part of our programs. While you go through the personalized self care programs, a coach will always be there for you to tell you where you need to focus, how to get the best out of your program and to help you with any problem you might be facing in life.

Is my data safe and confidential?

Your data is completely safe with us. Your chats and other communication are completely encrypted and nobody other than your coach will be able to access the chat. We use the best industry standard safety measures to guard your data.

Can people with psychiatric problems use this platform?

We strongly recommend people with psychiatric or medical issues to consult a psychiatrist or a medical doctor. This platform will not be suitable for you if you are experiencing psychiatric issues. We recommend you connect with a psychiatrist immediately in that case. Although you may use this platform as an added source of support after consulting with your psychiatrist.

How will diet counselling help me?

Everyone has some goals - become fit, lose weight or you want to manage a high risk condition like obesity, diabetes, cholestrol etc. This is where your Diet plays a crucial part. Managing your diet will help you attain your goal or manage your condition in the right way. It will help you to be at peace with yourself and eventually you will feel the quality of your life improving to a great extent.

For Corporates

Employees are the foundation for any organization and we know how important it is to ensure their wellness. Now you can give all
your employees a complete holistic wellness solution that will help them become happier and healthier in the easiest way.
Customize and deploy in the easiest way. Connect with us at [email protected] and we will get you started!