Healthy ways to deal with sadness - Tips to Avoid being Sad

What Exactly is Sadness

Sadness is part of six basic emotions that all humans have, these include: fear, happiness, disgust, surprise and anger. Being sad is characterised by having low morale, feelings of loneliness, guilt, tiredness… It’s the answer to unpleasant events, disappointments, death of someone close, break-up, anger towards someone you care for, etc.

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Difference between Sadness and Depression

It’s very important to not confuse sadness with depression, since the cause and the symptoms are not the same. Depression can originate from different causes even genetic ones. Throughout life, we carry with different problems that may later manifest themselves as depression. A person with depression can feel helpless, desperate like there is no illusion to live. Meanwhile in sadness, the person feels sad but its fleeting. Sometimes its not even felt strongly but just momentarily. If sadness starts to set in and invade the persons life it might be transforming into depression.

How do we overcome Sadness

I wake up every morning, open my eyes and think my life is extremely unsatisfying. I don’t have the will to live. I don’t want to leave my bed because I can’t stop thinking about what is tormenting me. I don’t know what to do. I’m sad.


  • if this is your morning routine, you need to change your attitude. In order to overcome this, you need to first acknowledge that it’s happening.
  • Yes, you are sad, and there’s is nothing to be ashamed or alarmed by. Once you’ve accepted it, overcoming it seems easier
  • Each morning try thinking how wonderful it is to live. On how many things you would love to do or accomplish. These thoughts will help you get out of bed.
  • Don’t let the sheets keep you from showing the world who you are. Try to practice this every day and give way to change.

Set a Challenge for yourself

  • Even if you are sad, try to each day when you wake up set yourself a challenge for the day. It can be going for a run, riding a horse, walking, cooking your favorite dish, trekking, reading a new novel, etc.
  • It’s important that when the day is over you feel proud of accomplishing your challenge.Always try to keep healthy habits that help you move forward.

Forget what cannot be changed

  • If you are going through a rough patch it’s normal to be sad. If you got fired, your partner broke it off with you, had a discussion with someone you love, death of a loved one, are all normal scenarios to be sad about.
  • However, we cannot live in the past, we have to move forward and look for new perspectives and actions. Learning to cope with loneliness is important and necessary. It helps you get to know yourself and love yourself, all things necessary in order to learn how to overcome sadness.


  • At the end of the day, always look at the positive aspects. Before bed try thinking of all the times you laughed throughout the day and all the happy moments
  • This exercise will help you focus on the positive aspects of life and forget the sad ones. Negative emotions serve a purpose however it’s important to always look at the positive aspects of every situation and learn how to be happy.


  • Mindfulness meditation can help you overcome sadness
  • Download Aurum App which has a collection of mindful guided meditation that can help you.

Talking to People Around you

  • Sometimes speaking to people about our problems is a form of catharsis. We feel a weight being lifted and start feeling relieved. This is one of the keys to happiness
  • f you have the opportunity to share with people that are understanding and caring don’t miss the chance of telling them how you feel since it’s going to help overcoming sadness. Don’t be afraid to appear weak, we have all been sad and needed someone to talk at different times of our lives.