What is online counselling ?

Web counselling, E-therapy, online therapy has many names. It refers to the professional help an individual gets for her/his mental illness, on the internet, through real time chat, video sessions, emails etc. These apps help you to in dealing with day to day stress and balance out your mood; it is a kind of therapy too.

Aurum the Online counselling app is an advanced way to interact with a counsellor or psychologist through the use of internet, which can provide a dependable, supportive, safe, secure and comfortable environment. Our online counselling app is found to be quite effective is most cases. Aurum Wellness provides online counselling app in for those who are not able to come to clinics due to distance, travel time or whatever reasons. The online sessions are conducted through app itself.

How effective is online counselling?

  • Traditional methods of therapy are far too expensive for every person to afford. However, with online counselling people can get the help they need at much affordable pricing.
  • Some even prefer online counselling because it offers some anonymity, invisibility and provides them the comfort of choosing their own time and space.
  • People can choose the therapist of their own choice form a wide range, according to the field they need help in. For example- Individual suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) may choose a professional proficient in that particular area.
  • You can also choose international therapists/psychologists as distance is no longer a problem. For example- If the place you live in doesn’t offer good options for a therapy you are free to choose therapists worldwide.
  • It is a good option for people who are not yet ready to come out in public about their issues. You don’t have to face the stigma related to mental illness, the rejection and exclusion the society forces upon you.
  • Also, online therapy is good for people who have physical disabilities and have a hard time commuting from home to the psychologist’s office or those who have hearing or speech impairment and prefer emails to in- person counselling.

Its for all people and specially for teenagers as they dont know how to cope with the different kinds of stressors daily. Many schools and colleges offer online couselling to their students. Web counselling is also good because writing down what you feel raises the level of awareness as well. Online therapy can be a good start, as opening up to a stranger face to face, about one’s personal problems is not something that comes easily at all. All in all, online counselling is a good option for people with dealing with anxiety, stress and light to moderate depression.

Aurum is the best platform for your mental health.

  • Our team of dedicated psychologists and counsellors will always be available for you to chat with. Whatever your problems are, just talk it all out. You will never have to feel alone now.
  • We have made our self help programs personalized for each individual so that you can focus on the things that matter to you. And the best part - you will always have your coach guiding you.
  • The best psychologists to resolve your issues.
  • We have created an ecosystem for the best emotional and mental wellness services.
  • Because we understand that your diet plays a very important role as far as your overall wellness is concerned. Our team of professional dieticians will provide you with a customized diet solution. Make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle, right now!

What is the 'Counselling' section on the app?

Counselling will allow you to chat and talk with a certified Psychologist or Counsellor who will provide you immediate help. You can talk to your coach anytime. This is ideal when you are going through a major life event like the death of a loved one, a divorce, a break up, failure, too much stress or anxiety etc.

What is the 'Program' section on the app?

Here you can access personalized programs which have been created by us after months of research and testing. These are self educating programs most suited for people who want to tackle stress,anxiety,relationship issues over the course of few weeks and at their own pace. The best part is you will guided throughout by a certified wellness coach with whom you can chat whenever you want.